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Written by on November 22, 2018

“Hi haters/ I’m back off hiatus/ UML made moves and some still hate us……”

Hello, it’s me again. Glad you are still around. I know it has been a minute since you last read something from me. In fact, it has been about a year since my last post graced the blogosphere. And about 4 years since I waxed poetic pieces on the regular. My bad, I was a little busy enjoying life and making family. But I’m back for now. Ya, dig?
Ain’t a thing change though except my walk got slicker and the game got thicker. However, I am still the same Danny P. During this time apart UML, I took time to launch with a little help from my friends a podcast network; Mogul Squared Media. have you heard about it? We started with just one podcast The Mogul Lounge. From there we spun off with Moguls on Sports. I then got a great idea to package the shows, grow, and create a network. And 15 some odd podcast later we have M2M. But with all of that….. something was missing.
Without Urban Mogul Life none of these spin-offs would be possible.  I designed UML give me an outlet to voice my thoughts, visions, and creativity through my pen game. Something that a podcast could never replace. Even though I have a weekly medium to express myself through your eardrums, I still need that blank canvas to scribe a thought. I still need Urban Mogul Life. I need it now more than ever.
So dear friends I am sorry I left you without a dope essay to step to. As of today, I am back. Back to capture my thoughts in my own write. Back to talk about music, relationships, life’s shit, and anything else that moves me. Not sure how long I will be around this time, but as of now, vacation is over. I hope my desk at the office is still available.

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