The Fuel of a Champion

Written by on June 2, 2018

This picture sums up the determination and motivation that fuels your character. When I first met you, I recognized your competitive spirit. If someone said you couldn’t do something the fire inside responded to the challenge and you proved that person wrong. That is the flames of a champion.

You once challenged me to a race, and I told you I would beat you. You are still waiting for that race.
Freshman year you went to state for the first time and didn’t finish where you wanted to in the 100m hurdles. After demolishing the competition all year, you arrived at LaCrosse and performed… like a…. freshman. Maybe it was the big stage? Or perhaps it was the heat of the June sun. Whatever the problem was you put up your worst time of the year and didn’t qualify for the Finals. The tears you shed was the kerosene to fuel the flames of hunger. You wanted to win to prove to yourself that you belonged. That your freshman year performance wasn’t just all hype. I noticed your tears and waited for the results.
Sophomore year you arrived at LaCrosse a lil wiser, a few more meets of experience under your belt, and you were ready. Ready to prove to you had arrived. Not only did you win the 100m hurdles, you took the title running with a stress fracture in your leg.  Your DNA is made of….. determination, pride, and hunger. The feeling you had your freshman year was not to be repeated. You came and conquered.
Junior year… While many people wanted to see you go back-to-back with the 100m hurdles, I was excited to see your performance in the 100m dash and 400m relay. After qualifying in all 3 events on Friday, JSonline made the silly mistake of questioning can you win in all 3 events due to how close they would be on the schedule. Silly reporter. Not only did you finish 5th in the 100m dash (your first time running the event at state), but you repeated as the 100m hurdle champion with a personal best time. And your relay team took 1st place (another first-time event!) #ChallengeAccepted
Your future is bright as hell.
The last few weeks I have been unusually stressed about a few things, I guess it happens to the best of us. But for that minute you are on the field I briefly forget the ills of the world and I live through you. I see you Destiny’s Child!! Do your thing.
I couldn’t be a prouder Bonus Dad. I have seen you grow from a little 5th grader to the young lady you are today. I know without a doubt that you will win the 100m dash next year as well as revisit the podium in the other 2 events as a winner. The only question I have is what other event will you add to your resume?
As for that race with me….. it ain’t going to happen. The fire inside of me hates to knowingly lose at something I have no chance at winning. That is why game recognized game from the jump.
Great job Bonus Daughter. I love ya and will always watch your next move.
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