And This Is Your Kanye West???

Written by on May 2, 2018

Kanye West done fooled around and went full blown Kanye West on us. Somehow playboy managed to piss me off this time, and I am somewhat unpissoffable!!

When Kanye said Jesus walked we high stepped our ass to the polo shop to get Laurened up. When he told us that Yeezy jumped over the Jumpman we thought “yeah he kind of right!” When Ye told us that George Bush doesn’t care about Black people, we nodded in approval. Hell, just last week when he started his Trump rhetoric I was like Black folk need to view his thoughts from both sides. But yesterday when he went Kanye and Kanyekazied his career with the slavery by choice foolery, I just shook my head and said: “you lost one fam!”

Kanye sounds like the same fools who say “I wouldn’t have been a slave back then!” or ” I would have beat the slave master’s ass if he would have…..” It all sounds good and cool coming from a cat who never once in a day of his life been held in bondage. It sounds good coming from a cat who never had the threat of having his family member taken away from them to be never seen again. It sounds all “new agey” and fresh coming from a cat who never felt the burn that a whip can leave behind as it rips your skin open. It sounds all sweat and tuff coming from a cat who never worked from sun up until sun down in a hot ass field for free for years. It sounds all Pro Blackish coming from a cat who has never been deprived basic skills like being able to read. Yeah, it sounds real thought provoking, doesn’t it? But basically “we don’t believe the bullshit you selling Kanye!” Don’t disrespect the Essence like this playboy. Don’t do it.

Somewhere along the way, the burden of slavery has become a fault of the ancestors who were enslaved. In 2018 to some of us, our family members were weak choosing to be a slave back then when all they had to do was fight. Yeah if those scuffles would have jumped off back in the day, many of us would not be here right. Why? Because our Great x6 Grandfolks would have been killed. So what did they do? They remained strong and ensured that they were here for their kids, and their children did the same.

Slavery was not a choice, it was a reality. Our family did not choose to be taken from Africa. Or to have our families split. Or to have our mothers raped. Or to have our language, religion, culture, taken away. That wasn’t a choice, that was the reality. And for those of you who are sifting through the beach of bullshit Kanye is selling to find a grain of truth, wake yo woke ass up.

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