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Written by on January 31, 2018

Good JuJu Whitening Paste ™️ is a natural teeth whitener that is fluoride and SLS free. The active ingredient is charcoal. It has minimal taste (sweet/ minty flavor) and it works over time by pulling toxins that’s cause surface stains away from your teeth without weakening the enamel or causing sensitivity. Shop now at

UML: How’d you get into the toothpaste business?

Nisha T: I honestly started this company because I needed something for myself that wouldn’t make my teeth sensitive. I had been using other teeth whitening products that would make my teeth feel horrible. I was tired of it all! So I made my own.

UML: How’d you come up with the idea to sell it?

Nisha T: Well, my friends started to notice my smile. I was getting “what kinda toothpaste do you use?” Or “Do you use those whitening strips?”

And I would tell them “I make my own toothpaste” no one believed me so they’d ask me to make them some as well. And before you knew it, I was in business.

UML: Where’d you come up with the name Good JuJu?

Nisha T: Good JuJu is all about energy. Good vibes… when you smile you can brighten up someone’s day. That’s what Good JuJu is all about, spreading that positive energy thru light and laughter.

UML: How’d you think of the concept of the commercial?

Nisha T: Ha! Ima trapper. I started selling good juju paste from my van. My family is full of entrepreneurs, so that’s all I saw was grinding! Hustling and working hard. That’s what im about. So I wanted to express that in my commercial. I want people to get behind me as a brand, as an entity. I think the commercial is a way to draw attention and even if you don’t get the concept you’re like whatever that girl is sellin’ I want some!!! Ha!

UML: Do you make it yourself?

Nisha T: Yes! People like to say it’s homemade, that’s not necessarily true. This product is HANDmade. I get in the lab with my goggles and my gloves and I go to work.

UML: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Nisha T: I see my brand SoCouture LLC. being a household name in the beauty industry. I see my product being in homes all across America and further. I see my brand growing into something that not only ppl in Milwaukee know about but something that men women and children recognize immediately. I want to be the black Colgate! Bigger than Walmart! I think that can happen in 5 years, I’ve seen bigger miracles, so I’m hopeful!

UML:  Thank you for your time and everyone make sure to check out the commercial!


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