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Written by on December 24, 2017


The good folks here at UML have been working hard this year to continue to bring you content that reflects your lifestyle. We have been at this game since October of 2009 and some of you have been down from day 1. You remember when we were basically a 2 person operation churning out story after story of your favorite celebrity as well as providing you with original written pieces. Over the past 8 years, we evolved fam.

When the calendar read 2017 we decided to go full speed ahead with this network thing. We added Sweats and Suits, The Buffet Boys, Twisted Sisterz, #2RiosxAPod and The Geekset, to go along with Moguls on Sports, Smoking Aces, and The Mogul Lounge. Our goal was to provide a little something for every Mogul out there. Now we are looking ahead to the future.

Mogul Squared will continue to grow and add quality content that speaks to our diverse audience. Kicking off the next phase is the DuoLystic podcast out of Texas. These sisters will give us their unique opinion weekly with a taste of Southern Hospitality.

As we look forward to 2018 we hope to expand our network to include vlogs, films, web-series, and artist development, writers, etc. If you have talent and would like a platform to display your art we would like to talk.

See you in the future Moguls!!

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