The Mogul Lounge Episode 126: Big GRIT

Written by on November 6, 2017

So here it is another episode with the Black Pack. Some of you might be wondering why we call this one Big GRITS? Well for some reason Danny P Ocean called Big KRIT… GRIT and of course the laughs ensued. Anywho that isn’t the only thing discussed this week.

* The Pack also broke down Father issues that a few of them had growing up, and how that shaped them into the men that they are today. It was some touching sh@t!

* They also examined Under Armour and their lack of an elite player to carry the brand. Yeah that discussion got a little intense.

* Single mother were talked about and how all roads led back to absentee fathers ansh@t!

* Broke hoes is a no-no

* “L” of the Week ….. Cryrese and Wendell Williams

* And a few other topics

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