Lonzo Let Nas Down

Written by on September 2, 2017

I remember back in the day I believed that Iron Mike Tyson was the best boxer ever! He was so amazing in his knock outs that I bought a pair of boxing gloves and engaged in fisticuffs in the neighborhood with the homies down the block. Mike’s legend and mystique couldn’t be touched. He gave us the Nintendo game Punch Out and he had a couple of Pepsi commercials! Just impeccable! So when old heads told me that Muhammad Ali was better, I felt they told me nothing but bold face lies. How can a dude who was The Champ on Different Strokes be better than Mike Muthafunking Tyson?!?! Yeah right.

Not too long after that a cat in my school had a Muhammad Ali video on VHS and brought it to school to show the students. Maybe it was some Show-N-Tell shit or something. But anyway on the cover had a noticeably slimmer Ali and that caught my attention, so much that I asked playboy if I could borrow the video. I took it home and my life was never the same. I used to watch that video before school as I ate my waffles. After school as I chilled in my room. And I even invited the homies on the block to come over and check out Muhammad’s skills. Needless to say, my opinion on who was better between Tyson and Ali forever was altered at this moment. Muhammad Ali was the GOAT.

I say all of that to say this…… don’t get your AARP Hip Hop card all crumbled up because Lonzo Ball said Nas was not Hip Hop. Young folks say young, dumb, shit.

I thoroughly doubt that LaVar sat his boy down after school one day and said “Fam, did I ever tell you about how great Illmatic was? Gather around and listen.” LaVar looks like he was a 69 Boyz, Snap!, Tone Loc listening dude.  There is no way in hell that LaVar put his son up on real hip hop like he should have.

See real folks know that it is up to the elders to pass down their knowledge to the young ones. Even if the little dudes ain’t trying to listen we need to make an appetizing plate for them so that when they get done playing outside doing little kid shit a warm plate is still sitting in the microwave for them. Somehow the plate that was waiting for Lonzo was nothing more than a leftover Big Mac.

Instead of being mad at Lonzo we need understand first that kids under 20 just may not fuck with Nas, Jay, Rakim, Kane, Cube, Scarface etc, especially if no one older than them shared the knowledge with them. To this lost generation, old school hip hop is “ringtone” era music. These young punks niggas like Ja Rule, Chingy, Ludacris, and Bow Wow are rap vets! Who in the fuck and in what world?

Of course, today’s children will have their own sense of what is “good” music, just like we did. However, WE have to make sure that they learn about the legends that came before them. Our parents put us up on Motown, Funk, Sade, Luther, and all of those people, the same we need to return the favor. Lonzo saying dumb shit like “Nas ain’t hip hop” is a testament to how we let Nas down. Educate the children Moguls, expose them to A Tribe Called Quest, Geto Boys, Kast. Or else we will hear more and more foolery coming from these wet behind the ears young fools.

As for that VHS tape of Ali….. I still got that shit. Sorry dude in my class. That video gave me life, the same way Nas needs to give Lonzo life!

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