Raina and Other Sad Moments In Television History

Written by on August 21, 2017

TV/film can be a remarkable thing, can’t it? Sometimes it can make you laugh. While other times you might get touched. After witnessing Raina die which was perhaps the saddest scene in the history of Black television, I had to go back and recollect on the moments I got in my chest over a tv show.


  1. Raina getting capped on Power – Man I remember this like it was just yesterday. The wife and I were sitting down watching a little Power before we started our Sunday. Everything was going as planned Ghost doing Ghost shit. Tommy spazzing out on his moms. And Tariq slowly coming around from being the most hated tv son of 2017. And then it happened…… Ray-Ray punk ass shooting Raina dead in the chest!! It messed me up, Moguls. If I wasn’t so gangster I would have cried a tad bit. You know that single tear that retreats from your eye as you stare off into the eclipse? That would have been me. Raina’s death was one that totally caught me off guard. If anyone was supposed to die I figured it would be Tariq. I mean he was the one who was out there doing foolery all season-high off the lean. But no!!!! The good twin had to fall victim in the snow! Damn you 50 Cent, Starz, and whoever else had anything to do this heartbreak!!
  2. I Cried on Cooley High When Cochise Died – How do I say goodbye lookin ass? I think I first saw Cooley High one Saturday afternoon so many years ago. And I was immediately entranced by the characters. Preacher was that cool nerd, while Cochise reminded me of cats in the hood. No harm right? Wrong! Cochise caught a bad beat down trying to stick up for Preacher after they fell out. Totally had me in my young chest. How can they kill Cochise? All he wanted to do was go play ball at the mighty Grambling State University!
  3. Puff The Magic Dragon theme song – Have you ever heard the song and not felt some kind of way? Hell, Puff the Magic Dragon theme song is mellow enough to make Ray Ray’s punk ass reflect on his crooked life and change his soul. Folk music never sounded any purer.
  4. Mr. Hooper’s Death – Who would have thought that watching Sesame Street you would learn about death? When Marie and them told Big Bird that death means Mr. Hooper won’t ever return it was perhaps the saddest scenario my young self could have witnessed on tv. I was used to the good guys solving problems all neatly within 30 minutes. With the exception of The Land of the Lost. Those jokers were trapped there forever more. (Could you imagine running from dinosaurs for the rest of your life?!?!)
  5. Will Crying For Pops – I think every dude alive who didn’t really have a relationship with their father could relate to Will’s sorrow when he asked Uncle Phil… “How come he don’t want me?” The pain exhibited in that scene should be bottled up and put on display at the Saddest Shit Ever Seen Museum.
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