Cleared Lenses

Written by on August 13, 2017

The blurred lenses are starting to clear up and many people starting to looking the same to me. We live in a time when social media magnifies everything that occurs, everyone is holding a camera ready to go LIVE. I find it nauseating that you can have proof in hand of injustices but it’s never good enough evidence. AmeriKKKa there’s a huge issue that the “land of free” wants to sweep under the rug. Listen as an African-American I’m aware of the issues that are going on in our community. When you see the actions that have taken place in Virginia, do white people take accountability for the actions that are being displayed in Charlottesville. See Poindexter is familiar with being told what the problems in my community are LAZY, HANDOUTS, LACK OF UNITY etc… I’m smart enough to know this doesn’t apply to all of us but you’d be hard pressed to think this when hearing the rhetoric. HATE is still running rampant in many pockets of white AmeriKKKa and you need to be accountable for your actions. You do need to take responsibility for this in your own communities, help put an end to this hypocrisy that’s plaguing this nation. In my opinion is that it starts at the top, yep up there in the Oval Office but the work can be put into action down on the ground level. All I’m saying is own your IDIOSYNCRASIES and fix them. FIX YO’ SHIT!

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