Sean Price Imperius Rex Review

Written by on August 10, 2017

“Ape don’t kill ape” With you monkey ass!!

Every once and again an album drops that doesn’t sound like incense burning. Or sound like Badu’s head wrap. Or sound like a veggie burger, Picasso painting, type of shit that makes you examine the far corners of your mental. As long time hip hop fans, sometimes we need an album that is simply unapologetically hip hop. Sean Price’s Imperius Rex is that album!

Imperius Rex is an album that is packed to the brim with nothing but bars upon bars for better and for worse. The “better” part is that Sean Price’s style is of a long forgotten era in rap when the only thing that mattered was how nice you were with the lyrics. P has enough flow that can knock the competition out in less than 93 seconds like a Mike Tyson head shot.

The “worse” part is that some of the lyrics are from an era long gone. When you hear words like faggot you may begin to cringe a little knowing that today’s message is everyone is acceptable. However, with all things considered this project is a beautiful testament to Sean P, dude was nice.

On The 3 Lyrical Ps Prodigy and Styles P joins Sean in a display of lyrical miracles that is reminiscent of a New York cipher from the mid-90s. Shit is that amazing. While on Clans and Clicks you get the taste of what a Wu x Duck Down bowl of gumbo is like.

While many of the older hip hop heads spend hours by the campfire dissing the young generation of artists who in their opinion has dropped the flag, it is important for an album like Imperius Rex to come along.

Sean Price has been gone for two years. Imperius Rex is a fitting swan song for a lyrical wordsmith.

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