The Top 3 Social Media Debates I No Longer Will Participate In

Written by on August 7, 2017

Social media debates can bring out the touchy side of folks, especially when there is a topic that both sides have strong opinions about. I’ve seen people threaten to kick ass outside after work at 5:00 sharp!! These last few months folks have been catching feelings like colds around my timeline, and the whole situation is chuckle worthy to me. However, after careful consideration, I plan on taking a hiatus from certain discussions for the foreseeable future!


1) NFL Boycott – This, of course, is a hot button issue the last few months that seems to have the snowball rolling downhill effect. The more it rolls the larger and faster it gets. I think, however, from here on out I will just lay in the cut with my remote in hand sidestepping all of those debates for the next few months it lasts.


Well, I noticed that this boycott is trickier than most and is on par with the Civil War. It is tearing families and the fabric of Soul Food Sunday apart!! Can you imagine what Thanksgiving is going to look like this year in the homes that won’t feature the pigskin? Some sad and depressing shit.

What is humorous about this boycott is how extra Ralph Tresvant these folks are getting over it. One side feels the boycott is dumb while the other side feels that Blacks who don’t want to participate are less woke than them. At the end of the day who really gives a fuck? Do what you want to do. Either watch it or don’t.

2) Black Men Ain’t Shit – Where the hell did this one come from? With self-knowledge comes anti I guess. I remember when I first started reading about Malcolm X, swine, Jim Crow, and Michael Jackson’s Afro… I was on some the White man is the devil shit!!! Tough!! You couldn’t tell me and my 9th-grade self a damn thing. Folks at school started calling me Malcolm Brown. A mixture between Bobby Brown and Malcolm X, because after all revolutionaries wore rayon! I was the dude who would stand up in class and start dropping knowledge on the cons of red beans soaked in pig feet! Don’t do it!!

However, as time went by and more knowledge was acquired I began to soften my stance. My microwave revolutionary movements toned down a bit, and every damn body wasn’t the devil. Is this what we need to wait to happen for a demographic of women? Do they need to unball their fist a little bit to have love for some Black men? Hmmmmm. I’m not sure but I won’t be engaging in those #BlackMenAreTrash post I see online. Fuck that!

3) Power Spoilers – Folks get mad when they wake up Sunday morning a see a post talking about…… “Ghost shouldn’t have killed Angela!!!” Damn them spoilers get you every time don’t they. Some people just play it safe and avoid Twitter and/or Facebook at all costs for the whole day Sunday. And then there is a group of humans who complain about Power spoilers but then spoil the episode for the West Coast viewers 2 hours before they get to see it. You know when you watch Power your West Coast peeps are still in church!!

Don’t be like that! If you are mad about spoilers don’t then turn around and spoil it for other people. And if you are that mad about spoilers you have a few options….

  1. Stay off social media until you can watch it.
  2. Stay up late Saturday night and hit the Starz app to be up on game.
  3. Block them “I can’t hold my water” ass types!!!

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