Call Me When The Revolution Starts… Till Then I Ain’t Boycotting!!

Written by on August 3, 2017

So the last few weeks my timeline on Facebook has been flooded with folks trying to bring me over to the dark side like Anakin Skywalker or some damn body! The wave #BoycottTheNFL has turned from a whisper to a pillow talk.  Even some of the cats in the UML office have decided enough is enough and plans on crocheting while the rest of the country eats wings, drink beer, and watch football on any given Sunday!! I don’t crochet so I guess you can count me out of your boycott plans like Ralph told Bobby, Ronnie, Ricky, and Mike.

Don’t get me wrong Black America, I love a good boycott. Hell, I was boycotting swine while you were still eating bacon-wrapped pork rinds! But this right here is a no go for me. And it’s not because I can’t give up football in the fall, it’s because I don’t see the point of it all other than it makes for a good remember the time song to sing to our children/grandchildren.

See I love Colin Kaepernick as much as any other fight the power Flavor Flav with the clock so I stay woke wearing brother out here. Those of you who know me personally know that I haven’t stood for the National Anthem since Ice Cube said he wanted to kill Sam! But I personally don’t see what the real goal is in skipping out on football Sunday. Is it to make sure Kap holds a clipboard this fall? And if so who are we sticking the finger to? The teams who had openings and skipped over him? Goodell and the National Football League as a crew, company, book club, label, and staff? Or are we just feeling some type of guilt by watching the sport after Kap sacrificed it all last fall? I’m not sure but I need to read the 10 point plan before I say I do!

In The Mogul Lounge (Facebook group) a cat made a point in saying that if we want to make a real stance why not boycott the sponsors of the NFL? That would, in my opinion, be a swift immediate finger to the man in a tangible way that can be quantified by the end of the day! Stop going to McDonald’s, pass up on Coke products. Forgo buying a GM vehicle. Don’t order that Papa John’s pizza when you are too tired to cook after work on a Thursday. Those are moves that can create an economic shift to companies that support the League you are against,

Basically, the NFL already has its money from tv and merchandise contracts. Simply saying no to watching it won’t do anything but make you feel good. Similar to a fart in the wind, it gives you the false sense of grandeur like you got away with something, but in the end, no one really smelled it anyway. Stop going to the games. Stop going to the bars who play the games on Sunday. Stop buying NFL merchandise. Stop buying from the companies who sponsor the League. Forgo picking up Madden this fall. Stop going to events that are hosted in the stadium that your local NFL team plays in. Stop watching ESPN. Stop supporting anything that has a direct or indirect connection with the NFL until your goal/demands are met.

I know, I know some of you are saying “who are you to tell me what I should do? There ain’t no manual to a boycott!!” Well, my friend, I am just telling you like you are telling everyone else what to do.

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