I Hope Beth Didn’t Catch This Racist Bath

Written by on August 2, 2017


Back in the day when little Danny P Ocean was a young lad in kindergarten, I used to know a little white girl named Beth. Beth always will hold a special place in my heart if not for nothing more than the fact that I remember her name. When you get my age only certain people’s name you remember from your school days, a young Beth is one of those names. The reason I remember her name is because she was one of my kindergarten girlfriends, (the other one being a Black girl named Vanessa). I don’t recall much about old Beth other than before my mother took me home I would run and hug Beth goodbye, and before her parents took her home she would run and hug me goodbye. Puppy love at it’s finest!! Well after seeing the meme that an officer in Estherwood, LA Police Department posted I would choke on my graham cracker if I found out that little Bethany had her face dunked in water because of her kindergarten crush on Danny P! That is some racist shit!

However, I’m not really surprised right now Moguls. There once was a time when I was a little younger and naïve that I thought when all the old racist cats passed away life would be good in these old United States of America. But after the events that transpired since… let’s just say January 20, 2009 (Obama’s first day on the job) I see the foolery is in full bloom.  Now, of course, fuck shit been popping off long before Obama swagged his way into the Oval Office, but around that time I became politically observant and began to peep the foulness that was America based on their reactions to Cool Baraksi! Folks were mad!

Fast forward to 2017 and not only is White America mad but they have become bolder in expressing their anger. The levels that we are seeing the blatant racism is damn near Jim Crow in some areas. Yeah, you can sip water out your bubbler (word to Milwaukee) but you might be drinking crud (word to Flint). Yeah, they want Affordable Health Care, but not that Obama Care!! (Can’t make this up!!) So what’s a Black man to do?

No, I’m not surprised that some cop down in Louisiana posted a meme of child abuse because the little girl had a crush on a Black child. No, I’m not surprised that he quickly took it down and now seems to be resigning. No, I’m not surprised that here I am in 2017 writing about something like this. I’m just not surprised.

This isn’t a think piece about how to change the racist foundation of America. Or what we should do about the many racist cops, fire fighters, doctors, educators, judges, lawyers, etc. This ain’t about that. What this is about is I hope little Beth or any other Beth, Kim, Rasheed, Malik, Tom, Damon, Jose doesn’t have to catch the water board treatment because of who they crush on. Let’s move past that as quickly as I hope President Tang’s term lasts!

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