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Written by on August 2, 2017


Well, some of you may know this by now if you follow us on Instagram or are connected with us on Facebook. But if you ain’t in the know let me fill you in….. UML is taking its network to the radio baby!! That’s right TheRealMidWestRadio.com will feature the Mogul Squared Network daily on its station. Great news ain’t it? Yeah, it is if I do say so myself.

For those of you who have been known about us for a lil minute, we kind of stumbled into this podcast game… ya dig? UML was actually supposed to take our talents to another local brand and bless them with The Mogul Lounge show. So Poindexter, Speak, and myself rushed out to get the things podcasters need in order to create a show that sounds good and all. We set up shop and recorded our first show in the Bat Cave, however, word from the other brand was that they no longer wanted us on their network. Grand opening, grand closing? Of course not!!!  Instead of chilling we pressed forward and put our equipment to use and still dropped TML!!

Over time that spun off to us developing other shows like Moguls on Sports, The Commute, The Summit, and Smokin’ Aces. And at that point, a light bulb went off!! Why not start a media network? So we went out and joined forces with The Buffet Boys, Sweats and Suits, Profane and Profound, and Twisted Sisterz!! And before you know it we were bubbling. Which brings us to today. Our partnership with The Real Midwest Radio.

What can you expect? More of the same old UML brand just sprinkled across your internet radio! We hope to bring Mogul Squared to more listeners, markets, and power movers!! But regardless of the road the lies ahead, we will stay true to that UML brand that many of you have known since 2009. Bringing you “the lifestyle brand of the urban mogul!”

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