Jay-Z Got These Cats In 444mation

Written by on July 1, 2017

So in case, you haven’t heard Jay-Z dropped a new album that once again shut down the internets. Well not in the way that apps crashed anshit, but in a way that had him the most talked about hip hop artist from 12:01 am Friday morning to 12:01 Saturday morning. Folks went crazy for Jay-Z. And if you didn’t know any better you would think it was the return of X Vanglorious Clan!!

Now before I jump in the Lemonade pool let me start by saying this is a good Jay-Z album. In fact, it is a damn good Jay-Z album. About as good as any album can be after 2 days of listening to it. Jay-Z put together perhaps his best effort post Black Album! For the first time in a minute, Jay married the lyrics with the beat in a way that delivers and satisfies even the stingiest hip hop lover. So I get the reactions and cheerleading from folks on my timeline who fell through their own assholes as they listened to 4:44. But with that being said this album is not the cure for cancer.

Now I’m a little puzzled because I seen it like a 27-inch Zenith how folks clowned the Beehive for crying along with Beyonce as she sung songs of a cheating Jay-Z all the while empowering women. Now those same cats wo are also fed with treats made from CBD for cats have fallen into 444mation because he told dudes to get good credit, own your home, and buy art that appreciates in value instead of tossing money at strippers in clubs. Hmmmm. Fair enough Jay-Z, great message. But this ain’t Jesus walking on water playboys. This ain’t John the Baptist baptizing us in Ace of Spades. Hell, this ain’t even Pat Robertson of the 400 40/40 Club. This is Shawn Carter or S. Dot Carter or Hov telling us things he told us many times before.

“At least my conscience is clear, I’m no longer steering you wrong/ Ain’t nothing wrong wit baguettes after YOU get a home”

Jay has always been a smart dude who has opened up about his life on songs like “You Must Love Me”, “Regrets”, “Song Cry”, and joints like that. Let’s face it flipping real estate wasn’t created with Hov. And if it took Jay-Z to wake you from your slumber party, take yo ass back to sleep. But let’s be real some cat, in some town, ran to the store and bought a scratch and sniff weed poster from the local street festival in hopes that they flip their $1.99 to $4.44.

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