“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision” – H.Keller

Written by on May 24, 2017

The irony of life is woven into the fabric of every human’s journey. To have sight but no vision, Ms. Helen said it best, is the only thing worse than being blind. As both exist independently, the inter-reliant nature of their existence holds infinite context. Sight processes and identifies objects through the human eye as vision expands the notion of objects into thoughts, dreams, goals and achievements. To me, the meaning of this profoundly iconic quote is the equivalent of someone having access to all of the written knowledge in the world but never bothered to learn how to read.

Without a clear vision of ourselves and the world around us, we can lose sight of all possibilities and evolution would be stunted. The concept of growth would be a mere idea left to lofty dreams without movement or realization. A long life lived only by years alone is not a life fulfilled to its potential. Without sight and vision, existence is a straight line from birth to death.

The infamous quote above means different things to different people. To further illustrate just how Helen Keller’s words landed in my mind’s eye, I conclude with a few haiku to evoke thoughts for a better understanding.

To be alive but

not living is a food less

and barren kitchen

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Set on a pointless

mission like infinite stairs

leading to nowhere

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Imagine walking

to reach your destiny yet

you’re on a treadmill

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Keep your eyes on the

stars and your feet on the ground

but you can not move

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Staring at rainbows

looking through both your very

big color blind eyes

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The one who has no

hands will mostly receive gloves

from those who ‘care’

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Youth is wasted on

the young; elder wisdom is

lost as minds decline


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  1. Steve Pseudonym   On   May 1, 2019 at 7:55 am

    Do you know the original source of Helen Keller’s quote? It’s used all over the web, but none of the places who quote it reference where it came from!

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