Things You Can Buy Instead of the ZO2

Written by on May 5, 2017

So LaVar Ball released a sneak preview of his Big Baller Brand shoes that will be endorsed by soon to be drafted son Lonzo Ball. Well with a price tag of $495 beans you can imagine the backlash that the pops, the son, the shoe, the record label, and staff received!! Folks got legitimately pissed off that they would have the audacity to try to push a shoe that costs so much! Well if you listened to The Mogul Lounge this week you know that I got into a debate with Poindexter and Belafonte in regards to LaVar having the right to ask for whatever he wanted from Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc. And as a company, they had the right to deny his crazy ass and send him back home. So of course once again, Big Baller Brand (what the hell is a Big Baller in 2017? Who still talks like that?) has the right to charge whatever they want, especially with Kanye pushing Roshes for $200! But we as consumers can either drop a half of stack on this Payless shoe version of Kobe Bryant’s shoe or we can go buy 3 pairs of Kobes and some socks for the price of one Big Baller kick! I think I would rather cop other things. Here is a list of shit I would rather buy than a pair of Big Baller shoes!


  1. For $500 you can buy 109 big boxes of Frosted Flakes!! These are the big ass baller size boxes yo!! Them joints if they stayed fresh can last you until you collect your pension checks Fam! Pop in some old school cartoons and sit back and enjoy the offerings from Tony the Tiger!!
  2. For $500 you can buy 2 old school Troop jackets at $250 a pop. Who wouldn’t want to look like 1987 LL Cool J? All you need is a pair of Air Jordan 1s a Kangol and you are in there like swimwear!!
  3. For the price of one pair of ZO2s you can buy a round trip ticket to Las Vegas during the busiest time of day, pray that it is overbooked, and hopefully, they drag you Mogul ass out your seat!! Now all of this might seem like a long shot, but hey if the stars align for that price of Big Baller kicks you can fool around get a trip AND have a major payday from an airline company! That sounds like a Big Baller move.
  4. Did I mention how stupid Big Baller sounds? Yeah, it sounds stupid.
  5. You can hit up your local wing night and cop about 1000 wings if they cost .50-.60 per wing!! That is a whole lot of lemon pepper and cajun dry rub wings. So much that you can probably host a Big Baller ass wing party for about 75 of your closest friends.

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