Kendrick Lamar Sure Knows How To Make An Album

Written by on April 14, 2017

Well, Kenny is back like your up North cousin who came to spend the summer with you every year. You know the one that pulls up in his family’s Cadillac with some crispy Air Jordans and enough tricks up his sleeve to turn out a small country town for weeks! Yep, that is what a Kendrick Lamar album has turned into, an event where we as the audience sit in expected admiration waiting for trick after trick to be performed.

With the release of his latest album, one thing is for certain, Kung Fu Kenny is on some Mike Jack shit where the only competition is the man in the mirror. Not saying that Kendrick is the best, but 2nd place seems so far behind him currently. In a world that seems to be dominated by Mumble Mouth rappers, Kendrick Lamar is lapping them, trotting backward with ease chuckling the whole race.

DAMN upon the first few listens is NOT the Grey Poupon that Evian that Ted Talk, but it is next level shit that Kendrick consistently has been chasing since Section.80. Mr. Lamar is going where very few mainstream artist dare to go these days. He is intent on stretching his art in ways that we have not seen since 2 Dope Boyz in a Cadillac showed up with Kangols and turbans. While Drake style is stuck in neutral rapping about the same stripper that left him alone after her shift ended, Kendrick is evolving like his name is Lennon and McCartney. Fans may not like TPAB or DAMN but one thing they can’t say is Kendrick is giving us the same song over and over. He is an artist who not only changes colors but he also switches up his movement.

DAMN is an example of a rapper who knows and appreciates what it means to make an album. Most rappers are content with giving us albums that sound like a compilation of top 40 rap songs. Their songs are so cookie cutter that you could take their 3 latest albums, toss the songs in the air, and reassemble them randomly with your eyes closed and they will sound exactly the same. No matter how dope Rick Ross is if you heard one album of his, you heard them all. While Kendrick is going from Sgt. Pepper to What’s Going On to Innervisions in the span of 5 quick years.

Since it is far too early to try to rate, rank, or rationalize the album that is DAMN, I won’t. I will just attempt to decipher it for years to come as nothing more than another brick in the pyramid that is Kendrick Lamar, perhaps the greatest rapper alive.


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