UML Welcomes Buffet Boys To The Family

Written by on March 29, 2017

We are a podcast that is trying to mesh comedy and the culture together. Latino and black culture; hip hop, pop culture, current events, politics. We feel the Latin community is diverse as is the black community and in many occasions are intertwined. Our eventual goal is to get people on to interview specific events that affect minorities and still keep it as entertaining as possible. Hopefully providing a voice and platform to continue our growth and the movement for all involved.

This week we reveal our big announcement. Wyclef gets arrested in true ironic fashion. We talk about Women gettiing asked for the papers to get some cheese fries in Huntington Beace,CA. The dweeb ass frat bros that chanted “build that wall” in mexico. Shaq once again in our good graces. We find out what Steve’s Mncuhen…heres a hint, its trumps ass. Counterfit condoms, a new craft beer and More!!!

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