Introducing Cigars & Conversations

Written by on February 24, 2017

Sometimes a man just needs to sit down and have a good conversation, that is something that has gone on since man wrote on walls. Either in a barbershop, campfire, or a man cave, men have gathered to share stories of triumph or defeat. Cigars and Conversations, which launched this week, aims to play a fly on the wall to give it’s viewers an in-depth peek into the conversations that matter most to men of today.

Brought to you by Urban Mogul Life, Cigars and Conversations aims to provide a platform for men of all backgrounds to discuss a wide array of topics ranging from relationships, music, life as a Black man, and self-awareness, as they bond over a cigar ad in an environment suitable for a King.

Grab a cigar, cognac, or incense and join the conversation.

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