5 Things I Learned From Day 1 of the New Edition Story

Written by on January 25, 2017

Well, the moment that 80s kids everywhere has been waiting on finally arrived last night; The New Edition Story premiered on BET. Now I must admit as much as I love NE and all that they stand for, I was understandably nervous for this made for tv movie. The number 1 reason is because as of late our entertainment folks have been getting the short end of the stick more times than not. For every great NWA movie, there are Aaliyah and Whitney Houston movies waiting in queue to tear apart every great memory we had. So yes Moguls I was a little bit nervous when I first heard about the NE movie.

However, as the date got closer and trailers, interviews, and scenes were released my fears began to simmer down a bit; “Damn they just might get this right!” New Edition is an r&b institute you can’t fuck up, we were there and we know what it should and shouldn’t be. This ain’t no Five Star or Ready For The World, these are the cats who made If It Isn’t Love, Jealous Girl, and Earth Angel. (Yeah, I rocked Earth Angel, The Karate Kid II was my shit!!) So believe you and me that the kids who grew up on Video Soul and Video Vibrations would be able to smell the fake shit a mile away. We don’t do fake NE shit.  Save that for the Troop biopic.

Well anywho. As I watched the movie last night I learned a few things that kind of surprised me. I mean over the years I have turned into a New Edition historian.


1) Ralph wanting to be the Karate Kid – That wasn’t necessarily surprising but it is the perfect example of how kids growing up in the 80s loved martial arts. Hell, I would have killed your mother for a pair of kung fu shoes!!

2) The band hating the fact that Ralph sung lead – I always thought cats were cool with him doing his Michael Jackson thing. I didn’t know that as early as the Candy Girl album the fellas got upset with the attention he was getting. Like they said they didn’t wanna play Randy to his Mike.

3) Brooke Payne being voted out as the manager – That was a fucked up move by the ladies. I almost shed a “Thug Tear” for the way they treated Brooke. Homie told them he wasn’t a manager like that, he was the man who got them on point and ready to perform. The surprising part for me was that I thought he was always there being that I saw him in the If It Isn’t Love video. But I guess playboy was but on ice for a few years.

4) Biv playing the singer/manager role since day 1 – We all know how Biv turned out with Boyz II Men, ABC, BBD, the East Coast Family. But it was good to see that the seeds for this leadership were planted back in the earliest of days. Interesting, especially considering the fact that Biv is the one who brought Johnny Gill to the table. Fam is always thinking forward.

5) The group getting off the Candy Girl tour bus and going back to the projects – Now this wasn’t surprising in the sense that I didn’t know it happened, but it was eye-opening. Can you imagine being a big teen star and going back to the projects? In fact having the tour bus drop you off back in the hood! Damn, that has to be some humbling shit. Most artists make their dough from tours, but all they got was a $1 and some change!! Damn! Them Candy Girls were really Sour Patch Kids!

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