Random Thoughts…. Vol 2. Burger King Pancakes

Written by on November 13, 2016


  1. I wonder if the people doing the mannequin challenge with children have gotten the parent’s permission before they post the video online? Hmmmm……
  2. Did Donald Trump pull history’s greatest sike move? Could he really be a Democrat in Republican’s clothing?
  3. Dave Chappelle has become my all-time favorite comedian.
  4. Speaking of Dave….. oh how I miss the Chappelle Show.
  5. Speaking of SNL I’m tired of all of the Leslie Jones “she is too ugly to be attracted to” jokes.
  6. How is Burger King selling 3 pancakes for $.89?
  7. I had no fucking idea that Whitney Houston eventually sold over 25 million copies of her debut album.
  8. Speaking of r&b artists…. does Janet Jackson deserve to be in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame?
  9. Speaking of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame….. does Tupac deserve to be in there before LL Cool J?
  10. I’ve never been called a nigger to my face from a person outside of African American descent.
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