Random Thoughts….. Vol 1. The Banana Splits

Written by on November 12, 2016



1. Who knew after all these years Jarobi has flow? Imagine if he would have stayed with the group?
2. Where has Ali Shaheed Muhammad been during the promo run? What is Quest without Ali Shaheed Muhammad?
3. What’s up with these pancakes that are so good you don’t need syrup? Syrup is the stable of pancake-dom!!!
4. Whatever happened to the Banana Splits?
5. Today I need a ride in the countryside listening to Carlton Banks’ Yacht Rock.
6. Speaking of Yacht Rock, I need to create a Yacht Hop playlist.
7. Is Harry the Bunny really the funniest bunniest?
8. Why is having a toast not having toast?
9. Are there literally any times on the clock that I have never seen?
10. Does the 57 varieties of Heinz mean that there are 57 types of ketchup?

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