Top 3 Things I Don’t Ever Need To Hear Again

Written by on September 21, 2016


Damn here we go again, Moguls. The Summer of Discontent is the gift that keeps on giving. And before autumn leaves fall, Summer had three more gifts to hand out; the shootings of Tyree King, Keith Lamont Scott, and Terence Crutcher. Damn! It is beginning to seem like police officers are getting points for shooting Black men, especially if they kill one. Maybe this is all a game like Pokemon? Maybe SOME cops are out here hunting for Black men like little Pokemon. I don’t know. At this point, I am tired, confused, upset, and tired some more.

Not only am I tired of the events, I am also tired of the lame excuses that come from certain people in the masses. We say Black Lives Matter they say, White Lives Matter. They Blue Lives Matter. They say Gorilla Lives Matter. They say Butterfly Lives Matter. They say whatever life matters as long as they can either minimize the Black life, or mock the movement. Uncle Ruckus shit.

So social media I have taken the time to compile a list of the top 3 things I am tired of hearing and debating. Not saying that I won’t entertain the conversation because Lord knows I love a good debate. But the key word here is a GOOD debate. If the convo ain’t good, I will fall back.

  1. Not all police are bad – No shit Skipper! Not all Winters are cold. Not all BBQ is good. Not all farts stink. Not all Prince songs are classics. Nothing is absolute. However, when people bring up the fact that not all police are bad, who exactly are they trying to convince? If I’m sitting here having a conversation about how good hamburgers are and you interject that not every hamburger is delicious, my immediate thought would be, so the fuck what!! We discussing good ass burgers here, not out of every burger in the world how many are nasty? You feel me?
  2. Colin Kaepernick shouldn’t disrespect the flag by kneeling – I am positive that the ones who scream this are absolutely quiet about the events that transpired the last few days. Their response is most likely along the lines of, let’s wait and see 3.what the evidence is. OK, honestly I can understand the response from everyone except another African-American. If that is your thought you are what we call a House Nigga!Ouch Danny P Ocean….. A House Nigga? Yep… a House Nigga.You are the type of cat who would tell mass about the group of slaves who were  discussing what it is like to be free. All in hope of getting an extra piece of pig feet.

    So Shaquille O’Neal – House Nigga.

    Jerry Rice – House Nigga

    Ray Lewis – House Nigga

    Your Uncle Tom – House Nigga

  3. Blacks need to join the police in order for the change to occur – Really? We need to join an institution that many of us don’t trust? And please understand the mistrust goes back further than NWA and Fuck The Police. This mistrust flows like the blood from the Strange Fruit that hung on the trees as Jim Crow watched under the disguise of a badge. This mistrust hits African Americans in the face like the water from the hoses as we protested inequality. This mistrust riddles African American bodies like the bullets that hit Amadou Diallo. Yeah, it is a mistrust…. ever heard of the Black Panthers? So instead of figuring out ways to have the victims join the system, put that energy into brainstorming ways to EARN the trust from the people you protect and serve. We aren’t the answer to this systemic racism, the police are.



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  1. Anonymous   On   September 21, 2016 at 3:26 pm

    Love the article fam, great write up, I’ve always pondered on that idea of joining an organization that has a history of corruption, injustice against blacks, hispanics and other poor groups, it just seems to me that that those who join are just helping to further protect white supremacy structure, just a thought!!

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