Meal Planning Made Easy

Written by on September 11, 2016

When we think meal planning/preparation, many of us revert to photos we’ve seen of a super fit person in the kitchen, abs on clear display. In addition, we see the several plastic containers with almost the exact same food in them for your breakfast, lunch and dinner for your hectic work week.

That’s cool, but not required. Meal prep can be simplified, but it won’t look as sexy as the nice and curvy…containers. Yes! Containers.
*Focus SPEAK*

I’ve found simple success by making a larger portion of my favorite food items and switching them up for variety as I pack my lunch and snack for the day.
For example, I’ll make quinoa, black beans, brown rice, have washed and cut onions, broccoli, cauliflower and more. If I want a rice dish I will have all the ingredients. However, if I want a vegetarian wrap on a soft, spinach herb tortilla, I’ll have all those ingredients as well.

In short, step outside your tupperware container and get creative to remain consistent.


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