I Once Read That Chris Brown = Michael Jackson + Bobby Brown

Written by on August 15, 2016


Yeah, I understand that to some of you think Chris Brown is the second coming of Jesus Christ. I get that. But please let’s not get carried away. Chris Brown cannot carry Michael’s Jheri curl juice bottle to the party. And that’s not a knock against Mr. Brown, but we have to keep it 100 here. (I guess you are wondering Danny P… where are you getting this from? Well, last week I saw a post on Facebook that left me scratching my head.)

“Michael Jackson + Bobby Brown = Chris Brown”

Now granted the person who posted it is a master at stimulating conversations on the Book. Hats off to him. So I wasn’t really surprised by him posting that stat. What did throw me for a little loop was the fact that his thread was full of people agreeing.

For real??

You can’t believe that shit!!

Let’s look at what he said once again Mr. Thriller PLUS Mr. Don’t Be Cruel equals Mr. I’m Happy To Go Gold During A Good Year.

I’m sorry but Chris Brown doesn’t equal Usher – Ne-Yo. Nope.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think Mr. Brown is a talented cat. To be able to dance AND sing are rare these days. But JUST because someone can do that doesn’t make them ShoNuff. To imply that it takes a Michael AND a Bobby to equal one Chris is a classic case of amnesia. During Mike’s heyday, he could stroll through a small village in Zimbabwe and would get mobbed. Bob sold about 10 million copies of Don’t Be Cruel alone. How does that equal? How Sway?

If you look at the quality of songs I would reckon to say that Chris Brown’s songs are probably more recognized for the rappers he has featured on there. I mean if you pull up a Chris Brown playlist on iTunes you get more rappers than a BET Award Show after party.  Rappers everywhere. So many in fact that you trip over them. Which leads me to ponder, “How will these songs stand up 10-30 years from now?” You already know how a Rock With You or Tender Roni holds up decades later. Michael is known for being Michael and Bobby was the King of the New Jack Swing basically. Who is Chris? Your favorite B-tiered rappers favorite hook singer?

No matter how much I scratch the record I can’t find a groove that says Chris is equaled to Mike AND Bob.

I know I will get some hate mail over this. Please understand the views of this article is Danny P’s alone and does not reflect the opinions of UML as a unit.

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