Internet Civil Wars Are Corny

Written by on August 15, 2016


The Morning After… Day 2……

Tension is at an all-time high out in the community and that is understandable. However, attacking each other and trying to create a “social media” civil war is corny and wack. This morning I was accused by a local police officer who is a friend of two things.

  1. A) That I actually condone what is happening right now.
  2. B) To be nothing more than an internet protestor.


I tried to dismiss the conversation because I understand what he and many other officers are going through out there, dealing with a people who not only lacks respect for the police officers but also lacks respect for themselves. That is not easy, fun, exciting, or fulfilling. And I understand it as such. But in the midst of disorder and chaos nothing positive will come from attacking each other. But maybe against my better judgment, I will entertain these accusations.

First to imply that I am a sideline cheerleader of the burning down of a community that I called home for years, a community that my mother STILL lives in, is as asinine as Donald Trump cooking soul food on a Sunday. You crazy as hell.  There is a difference between empathy and condoning. Yes, I understand that these individuals are upset. Yes, I understand in a certain way they think they are protesting. Yes, I understand that as history has proven, rioting and looting sometimes are a byproduct of anger. But to try to paint me as a happy camper right now is ludicrous and proves that in the heat of the moment you were caught talking out of your neck. I get that Fam. Like I said you are upset and rightfully so. You have a difficult job trying to put a lid on a boiling pot that is overflowing.

However, the next accusation tickled me like Elmo. To imply that I am nothing more than a “blogger” is outlandish. If you know what I do for a living you would understand that I have reached over 3,000 children in the last 10 years alone. 3,000. Which means at least 3,000 kids/young adults know me PERSONALLY by name. Not to mention the other children I have mentored, coached, corrected, talked to, lectured, bought clothes for, etc. Now add to the fact that I currently help make decisions for things that affect over 10,000 children in the Milwaukee area. Needless to say, this is more than “internetting.” This is a passion I have. But like I said after a night of dealing with the madness that has become Milwaukee I understand your anger and the fact that you had to lash out at someone. However, I am not the enemy. Like I mentioned before divisive behavior will not lead to progression. It never has. I may not be standing on the frontlines with you in the darkest of hours trying to corral a group of individuals who are determined to bring chaos and disorder, but I am doing and have done my part to reach the youth.

In conclusion, I pray that the arms of God protect you and every other police officer, business owner, teenager, community member and anyone who can possibly be affected by what has been going on as of late. And I will continue to not only reach the children but write, because as I am sure you know there are libraries full of the power of words. One I would suggest you read is “The Fire Next Time.” It might add to empathy during times like this.

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