Do You Really Want A Third Political Party Or Is It All Talk???

Written by on June 28, 2016


So now that the presidential candidates have been narrowed down to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump the real fun begins. Over the last month or so once it became clear that Bernie Sanders would not get the Democratic nod from the delegates and the people they represent, his supporters huffed, puffed and proclaimed that they would not vote for Hillary Clinton under any circumstance. Wha….wha…. what? All of a sudden the new “truth” has been proclaimed that Hillary Clinton and her business suits are just as evil as the Don and his hair piece. However, this is not the purpose of this post. I am not here to tell you to vote Republican or Democrat. I am here to tell you that a change must come soon.

I am a person who likes to see plans and not reactions. We should be proactive and not reactive. The knee-jerk response of voting for a third party candidate who has nil chances of winning is not the smartest way to use your vote. Writing in your momma’s name as a presidential candidate is not a smart way to utilize your voice. We have to be smarter.

Instead of focusing on a third-party candidate MONTHS before the presidential election, the masses should begin to create independent/third-party candidates on local levels and grow from there. Let’s not get it confused, no matter how you feel about the Republican and Democratic presumptive nominees a vote for Jill Stein, no matter how great she might be, is a wasted vote. Yeah, it may feel good to you when you place that ballot in the scantron, everyone loves bucking the system every now and again, but do you really think that Jill or any other person you write in has a decent chance at winning? Those few votes will not be enough to make a difference in the overall picture. Your movement for independence should have started YEARS ago.

I will not pretend that I am some political expert, but I do think I have a good dose of common sense. In order for America to establish a successful third-party that can even have a remote chance of changing the political landscape, we have to think locally first. For example, let’s create, support, and elect mayors who are third party/independent candidates. Since we are working in thirds here, let’s say that we establish a goal of all mayors in the United States let’s aim for 33% of them being third-party or independent. From that foundation let’s look at out of all of the governors, 33% of them will be third-party or independent. Then after that, we can take a serious look at having a candidate who isn’t a Republican or Democrat. Until then we are essentially selling pipe dreams and warm cookies.

Once we elect these third-party mayors, governors, senators, etc, our next responsibility is to hold them accountable throughout their entire term. Far too often we collectively get candidates into office and then we sit down and complain once the outcome isn’t what they promised, however, we don’t unify to hold their feet to the fire. By refusing to do our civil duty it doesn’t matter what party the candidate comes from, we will continue to get the short end of the stick. In the words of Malcolm X, we will continue to be political chumps. Used for votes and then tossed away once the victory party confetti has been swept up. We have to do better.

As always, change comes from a spark that ignites the movement. Maybe the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election will not be who assumes their spot in the White House. But how the political landscape was forever changed as an effect from the results.

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