Mogul Perspective…Breaking Up

Written by on April 26, 2016

If you dabble in Love and relationships (of any kind really)…the break-up is bound to happen to you.  I happen to think that the break-up is just as much a part of the relationship as meeting and falling in love.  In fact, it may be the most important part…because it’s the memory that most people carry forward….for years to come.  Every once in a while you get lucky and the break-up is a mutual and peaceful process.  But more often than not, the break-up is accompanied by some heartache, piss-tivity, bitterness, withdrawal symptoms and other unpleasantness.  Look, I’m not saying there’s no room for these things, but my perspective for Moguls is this:

  • Keep in mind that you chose the relationship, and no matter how bad you feel in the end, acknowledge that your choice in the beginning also included the end.  Owning this could help you view the relationship as a “rich” life experience…instead of a lifelong regret.
  • Always make it a point to reflect on the good times and the reasons you chose to share days of your life with that person.  What you carry forward should be the rewards and lessons…not the bitterness and anger.
  • Allow yourself an opportunity to release all the negative energy created and held during break-ups.  The process of severing a relationship can last anywhere from days to years.  Do something symbolic to mark the passing of an era…and the beginning of a new one.  Make that experience as positive and memorable as possible…specifically…more memorable than the break-up.
  • Be dignified in your break-up.  Not cold and unfeeling, but clearly dignified…particularly with your Ex and others outside of your very close circle.
  • Lay off the alcohol and other intoxicants.  I know it will be tempting, but the last thing you wanna do is turn a low spot into a submarine dive.  If you get used to dulling the pain instead of working through it, you may end up crazy, suppress something you should have let out and begin packing baggage that will hurt you in the long run.  Instead, opt for spending time with really close friends.  They will understand you and your process, and be in the best position to support you through it.
  • Lastly…as soon as possible following a break-up, count your blessings and look for reasons to smile in your daily life.  It will keep you positive, ward of bad juju…and begin to point your attention toward happiness.  Happy, by the way…is great for attracting new Love.



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