Mogul Etiquette 101…… Can You Wear Shorts With A Jacket & Tie???

Written by on April 26, 2016

Not a good look!!!

It is hot now and some of us like to bend rules a little. Or rather I say act like we don’t have any common sense. We throw fashion rules out the window once the temp goes past 75 degrees, all of sudden it is raid the closet and wear what you find. Not a good look, especially if you are a Mogul. Unless you are a rapper who is in the “Post-Badu” stage of their life, you may wanna abide by the following guidelines when it comes to pairing shorts with a jacket and tie.

First, off if you are under the age 7, then by all means do you! Wear those shorts with the jacket and tie. Live your life freely, because soon enough you too will have to abide by the rules of fashion. Also if you are sitting at the crib alone, then wear what you want also. Just hope the neighbor doesn’t come by to get some sugar or wine. You may end up looking like a fool, and please don’t say UML didn’t warn you!

If you are going to work you must look into the following: Do you own the joint or are you just a worker? If you are the boss/owner and your shoes don’t require socks, go ahead and throw on the shorts. That is just one of the many perks of being the top dog!! Now if you are just another worker bee, the temperature¬† better be 110 before you even think about putting on shorts with a jacket and tie! Your co-workers will laugh, and the boss who just may have on a pair of shorts will probably give you the crazy ass look like; You think you ME!!!! Get yo ass out of here!!!! You may just want to use a sick day before you place yourself in that situation.

Now if all of the above works in your favor and you still want to rock those shorts, make sure they are at least cotton or linen. Any other material means, put on some pants instead or lose the tie.

Once again UML does not condone the shorts, jacket and tie look. So wear that combo at your own risk, but before you venture out into the world that fateful day look back on these jewelz. Maybe some wisdom will come over you and you change your mind.

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