Are YOU…an Urban Mogul???

Written by on April 25, 2016


In honor of the continued success of our beloved Blog, I’ve decided to list a few ways for you to identify if you are, indeed, an Urban Mogul!

You’re Probably an Urban Mogul If…….

  1. Even on your worst day, you feel like you can accomplish anything.
  2. Chillin’, for you, is a way of life.
  3. You can conquer a room in sweats…or fitted to the TEETH!
  4. Your drink of choice doesn’t change every time your favorite rapper promotes a different one.
  5. Your “Kickin’ It” pictures don’t have an airbrushed backdrop.
  6. The color/style of your “Draws” (underwear…for those of you who need clarity) remains a mystery….until you choose otherwise!
  7. You’ve learned to avoid anyone that includes “applying ointment as needed” in their daily ritual.
  8. You know that “acquiring taste” doesn’t mean eating @#$% you don’t like to blend in!
  9. You’ve already figured out that living off social security isn’t retiring in style.
  10. You visit everyday….and love it!


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