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Written by on April 24, 2016

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I would like to take a moment and thank you, Moguls, for all of your continued support. 2016 has started off fantastic and we are on the verge of having our most successful year ever. Our website visits are up, more and more people are listening/downloading our podcast, and our events have been a continued success. From the looks of it, you all still believe in the Mogul Brand and we would like to thank you all.

So what’s next?

Well for starters we are looking to expand our Brand even further. In May, we will kick off an online listening experience that will deliver UML content to you on a daily basis. What better way to keep up with your Daily Cool? We will continue to have our staple shows such as The Mogul¬†Lounge, Smokin’ Aces, and The Commute. But we will be adding Moguls on Sports and The Summit to the mix to help round out the first phase of our expansion.

Moguls on Sports is pretty much self-explanatory, it is a sports show. A sports show from the eyes of Moguls of course. Pretty cut and dry if I do say so myself. Except the one curveball is that it will be LIVE. That’s right, live. So that gives you all an opportunity to touch base with us on a more personal level.

The Summit will be a podcast that digs deep into the world of music, not just hip-hop. We will look at rap, soul, pop, jazz, blues, and possibly even a little country. All through the lens of an Urban Mogul. We know that you all are a diverse group of Moguls, and our musical taste reflects that. If we want to examine Shuggie Otis and his influence on music we will. If we want to discuss whether Lionel Richie should be included with the other GOATs of the 80s we will. If we want to debate if PM Dawn got they garments from a Hotep thrift shop we will. Basically, if it is music related it is within limits for us to discuss.

With that being said if you have a show, or love to write contact us. We are always looking for new talent to join the team.

Once again thanks for your support Moguls. We will continue to blaze trails and move ahead. And like we always say, come pay us a visit and stay for the waffles.

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