Return of the Cool….How To Build An Impressive Wardrobe Part 1

Written by on April 23, 2016

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.

Mark Twain

Let’s be honest with ourselves, your choice in clothing speaks about yourself without you saying a word. Clothing is that first impression you give to the people you meet. It is that neck breaking effect  bystanders  catch as you pass by and their eyes automatically drop to your feet to see what Fresh you rocking.

First and foremost purchase classic, timeless, quality clothing. A classic sweater can last you for years if it is taken care of properly and stored correctly. Unless you are a college student you should stay away from fad dressing. What is hot today will be lukewarm in 5 minutes, and frozen by a quarter after. Think about all of those cats who spent a used car on the Mitchell & Ness jersey craze. Within a few years, the jersey game was burned up leaving more than a few individuals with a closet full of jerseys of players and teams they never heard of.

If you buy the right clothes, you can get years of wear out of them leaving more money for other things as time passes along. If you aren’t buying classic you are wasting your time and money. For those staple pieces look for neutral colors such as gray, tan, brown, black, white or navy. A white dress shirt is as classic as you can get. When has a white dress shirt not been in style? After you gather a nice collection in these colors you can venture out to new and daring palettes.

Every wardrobe should have a classic collection of dress shirts, slacks, corduroys, polos, v-neck sweaters, casual button-up shirts, and jeans that fit. After collecting these staples, you can look to buy the extras like a cardigan or two, a few blazers, and heavier sweaters.


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