Prince Has Left Paisley Park

Written by on April 21, 2016


So today I was sitting at a meeting learning some good things mind you when all of a sudden my text messages started blowing up. I didn’t pay much attention to them figuring it was sending out their tweets. (You know I have to stay on top of releases.) But at the rate they were coming in, I figured it had to be more than some shoes dropping. So I took the phone out of my blazer pocket and seen the text that I will always remember, my moms hit me up telling me that Prince passed away. Damn. Another one bites the dust!


As with anytime an icon transcends on to the afterlife you always have a state of shock that hits you first. I sat in my meeting staring at the dozens of text messages I received from various people trying to make sense of the ordeal. Damn it…. Prince is gone. In the realms of celebrity deaths, this is right up there with Michael Jackson for me. Prince was the last artist on the Mt. Rushmore of 80s GOATS. And like Michael, Luther, and Whitney, he left us too soon.


Prince although he lived longer than the other mentioned GOATs of the 80s, I thought he would be the one who would live to a ripe old age. You know one of those living testaments like Paul McCartney. Who every few years drops an album just to let you know he is still there. With Michael, I couldn’t see him getting old, but Prince I imagined would be on some Little Richard shit. 83 years old looking like he 42. On some Benjamin Buttons steeze.


For many of us old heads, Prince will forever represent the 80s. I remember sitting around with my friends debating who was better Prince or Michael Jackson. Even though I was on the side of Michael, there was no denying that Prince was a god! The lil cat wrote damn near wrote half the hits in the 80s!! So that has to say something. And on top of that, he seemed to drop an album every year up until he changed his name to the symbol. Prince was that dude!!


Who else do you know could show up to the party wearing a purple trench coat and heels, riding on a motorcycle and pull the baddest lady in the room? Prince that’s who.


So as I sit here catching up with the news looking for answers I want to say one last thing, Prince was so much more than Purple Rain. Just like Mike was more than Thriller. Please don’t box him into one hit album. If that all he had he would be nothing more than Terence Trent Darby.  I know with the hundreds of tributes that will be coming out in the coming days, we will be flooded with Doves Crying and Darling Nikki’s getting drenched in Purple Rain. But don’t forget about Controversies from the 1999 parties, and the lady who wore the Raspberry Beret when it Snowed in April.


God bless you, Prince, maybe you can finally sit down with Michael and record that duet we all wanted to hear. Hopefully, that can be the first song I hear when I arrive in Heaven.

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