The Curious Case of “Life”

Written by on February 24, 2016



Life is a funny experience that can expire any minute. Yesterday as I was coming home from the UML offices I saw one of my neighbors getting ready to pull off. I waved to him as I usually do not expect nothing much, but this time, he rolled down the window wanting to tell me something. As I walked to his car he told me that another neighbor passed away about two weeks ago. At that moment, my heart immediately dropped and I had to catch myself. Not that me and the neighbor were close, but when a brother dies before his time it sort of shakes me up a little bit. All I could do was drop my head and say damn.

When I went into the house to hug my 8th-month-old daughter I suddenly had the feeling of mortality overwhelm me. I just learned about how a 40 something-year-old brother just passed and here I am holding a daughter who hasn’t taken her first steps yet. It was rather humbling. As I held my daughter I began to think of all the people, places, and events that affected my life in one way or the other. Some for the good, and some for the bad. But all in all, they made me into who I am today.

Last week I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button for probably the 20th time and similar to the reasons my neighbor’s premature death affected me, the movie did as well. As Benjamin spent his days getting younger he saw loved ones and friends getting older and older. He had to say goodbye to various co-stars in his life “movie”, just as we all will have to do at one time or another if we are “lucky”. It’s ashamed that the byproduct of living a long life is saying goodbye to people in your life. I guess you can call it The Gift and The Curse.

As you move through life’s highway it is very important that you reflect from time to time. Sometimes you have to dig deep into the corners of your mind and brush off the cobwebs from those long forgotten memories. For those are the foundation of who you are today. Over the next few months, I will, in fact, do that. I will try to recall stories from a life long forgotten and jot them down. Not only will it serve as a reminder of who I am and where I came from, it can also be something I can leave behind for my daughter similar to how Benjamin Button’s memoirs was helpful for his daughter. Don’t worry y’all I will change names to protect the innocent or should I say guilty parties. However, I am sure the statute of limitations is up so I can go into great detail.

In the meanwhile, RIP “neighbor.” I trust you are in a better place. Another movie has faded to black too soon.

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