“The Life Of Pablo” First Impressions From 2 Moguls

Written by on February 14, 2016


Yeezy, Mr.West, Kanye to the…
Whatever you call him,  you can’t call him boring. The Life of Pablo is here. This album is sonically light years ahead of any album per usual.  Dr. Dre would even marvel at the arrangement.

If you’re expecting the boom bap, sample based ‘College Dropout ‘ vibe then you’ll be disappointed. However,  this album is dope when you listen to it for what it is. Kanye laid the foundation for the bulk of today’s rap stars. He’s simply reminding everyone that he’s OG of this vibe.

As far as lyricism, there are a few clever punchlines, but he’s not spitting any quoatables. This album extends the spectrum of hip hop.  What he is doing is allowing his creativity and charisma gel with the music masterfully.

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So sometime during the wee hours of the night Kanye West dropped his long awaited lp So Help Me God, SWISH, Waves, The Life of Pablo. This collection of songs had so many different titles that it became difficult to understand what exactly the vision of this project truly is. However after hearing it, the title that came to my mind was Church… How Heathens Celebrate.

This album sounds like a celebration of everything we either love, like, or hate about Kanye. At times (Famous, Real Friends, No More Parties In LA) we get some of the best Kanye we have heard in years, while songs such as Waves seem like a natural progression of the sound Kanye has been experiencing with for the past few years. Which at times can come across as a new age pop star who wants to experiment with rap, similar to the British cats who strategically placed rap in their songs during the early 80s.

I think the problem I have with this album is that it plays as a disjointed collection of songs. At times it sounds like a hip hop church session, at then it sounds like Rihanna’s nightmare, and at other moments it sounds like Kanye is trying too hard to prove a point musically. What I will say is that for the most part this is undeniably a hip hop album that will probably serve as a foundation for a many of future rappers just as College Dropout did years ago.

With all of that being said I don’t know what to honestly give this album. Of course it is too soon to rate since it hasn’t even been out 24 hours yet. So what may be wack now may seem like heat to me after a few spins, after I “get” it. However, what I can say is that like it or not it is good to hear a Kanye project where he is rapping again. Maybe after a few more listens I can catch the Holy Ghost and join the heathens at the sermon.

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