Do Married Couples Go To Heaven??

Written by on February 10, 2016

Married folks

Picture the scene. You at home trying to figure out what you want to wear to the party. You know that everyone will be there in their spiffiest digs, so you better come correct. As you look into the closet you realize it ain’t anything for you t throw on, so you decide to hit the mall real quick. The time is late, so you know you have to hurry up. As you peruse through the racks you get phone call after phone call from your friends asking you “where you at playboy? The scene is jumping!!!” You tell them “I’m on my way, gotta get clean real quick!!” You finally pick out your fit and head home to throw it on and catch up with the crew. You pull up to the spot and think, damn for this to be the spot, the scene is a little light. Once you walk into the party you look around see plastic cups and confetti on the floor, but everyone has left the party except one or two couples. You get on the phone and call your friends to see where they are at, and the response you get is “Man we home, been there done that. You got to it a little too late. Party is over.” That is what marriage feels like, a party that I missed somehow.


I was one of those cats who waited for the right one to get married to. While my friends jumped broom after broom, I sat back with my heels in the dirt refusing to get pulled into the dance. Now that I am in the center of the dance floor, I am noticing that the friends who were once happily hitched is now single or so unhappy that they may as well be done. Funny how the dance turns out ain’t it?


I am no marriage expert by any means, if marriage was a diet I would be still eating baby food. But I am wondering why so many of my friends and peers have called it one within the last 3 years. Is the life cycle on marriages about 10-15 years? Damn!!


One reason this serves as a hiccup in my marriage chill is that married folks tend to want to hang around other married folks, or at least people who have been in a relationship longer than the Godfather 2. But when it is time for me and the Mrs. to step out among our peers and do happily married people shit the pickings is slim. We have hit up the same couples so much that I think we are becoming Siamese twins.


I be like damn…. It was all good a few years ago.


It makes me wonder what went wrong in so many marriages?  Did folks get married too young? Did the stress of life in general take them under? Or did they simply just stop loving each other? I don’t know exactly what is causing this rash of break-ups, but I would like to know if there is a spot where married couples can go to rent a group of married friends? I want to be able to step into the party and have cats look at me like “what took you so long? We are here having a great time, glad you can make it!!”


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