1/27/15…. The Day Kanye Got Bodied By A Stripper or For Kanye All Roads Lead Back To Amber

Written by on January 27, 2016


For some reason when Kanye seems to be winning he ends up losing at the same damn time. Like Craig in Friday, Ye is the type of cat who gets fired on his day off. For the last few weeks all the talk surrounding Kanye was positive. He has a new album dropping on the 11th of February, and from the sound of it he has another heater on his hands. But all of that good talk came to a crashing halt this afternoon.

During the routine pre-hype for his new album Swish Waves Kanye decided to address Wiz Khalifa’s wake and bake session. Apparently Kanye took offense to Wiz’s tweet “Hit this kk and become yourself”. Well Ye took that as a jab at his wife Kim Kardashian, and Wiz probably meant his strand of weed called Khalifa Kush. Simple mistake right? Yeah I could see how Kanye may have gotten things twisted a bit. But instead of looking for clarification Yeezus went off on Wiz in a classic Kanye West rant that only a dude like Kanye West can perform. Kanye talked about everything from Wiz’s tight jeans to his non creativity. Damn… but then shit got real, even by Kanye standards. During his rant he decided to mention Wiz’s kid by Amber Ross, and he took time to tell Wiz that he got trapped by a stripper. Damn Ye….. you took it there? Yep he took it there.

Now I was taught back on my block that you leave kids and women out of your ribs when you going at cats. All is fair in shits and giggles but kids and and women.¬†Well I guess Amber Rose wasn’t about to be the butt of Ye’s jokes. She fired back with the rib heard around the world.



DAMN… game point goes to Amber Rose. Kanye should probably think twice before he brings Amber Rose into his tight jean debates.

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