No Early Yeezy Season For Me

Written by on January 19, 2016


So it looks like we are in the midst of Yeezy season once again. And from the noise on the internets it seems as if Ye is heating shit up this winter. Over the past 2 weeks Kanye has dropped two singles “Real Friends” and No More Parties in L.A.” Both of these tracks have been celebrated as a return to the Kanye style that we all know, love, and missed.  And as of yet, I haven’t heard a bar.

Why you might be asking yourself; because I enjoy hearing albums as a whole now for the first time. This train of thought actually happened back in 2010 with Kanye’s last G.O.O.D. Friday Music releases. Some of you can recall for about 4 months Ye blessed us with a new track every Friday in preparation for his album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Sounds like a good deal right? Well the problem that arose for me is that when the album dropped later that year, many of the songs I had already heard, either through the Friday drops or from an occasional leak here or there. As I listened to what is possibly one of the greatest hip hop albums in the last 15 years, my high was subdued because many of the songs I had already heard before.

Sometimes promotion can be too much promotion. In my opinion an album is best heard in it’s entireity the first time around. Songs should be heard in context with other songs so that you can get the vision of the artist. Now if the artist’s album is nothing more than a collection of singles this approach probably won’t make a difference. But when the album is a musical vision it is best to sit back and soak up the experience with as little spoilers as possible. Imagine going to watch a movie for the first time and about 1/3 of the movie you already saw because the director leaked out the second act. It would mess up the movie wouldn’t it?

Since the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy debacle I have listened to as few singles as I can before an album drops, so that is the reason why I am passing up on these G.O.O.D. Music  Friday 2.0 leaks this time around. I will however download all leaked music in case it doesn’t make the final album, but I won’t spoil this experience. So while y’all are in the middle Yeezy Season, I will have to catch it on a heat wave.

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