Baptized By Fire: Single Dad For A Week

Written by on December 8, 2015


Moguls things got really real, real quick. The past 6 days I have been living the life of a single parent while wifey Dukes was out of town handling business like a true Boss Lady. I never knew how hard it was for a single parent on a day to day basis, but these past few days I have been baptized by fire.

I grew up in a single parent household, I had friends all around me who had single parents raising them, and I dated many single moms in my day; so I assumed the shit was easy, I mean they all made it look easy. So when my wife told me a few months ago that she would vamoose on me and I would have to hold the fort down I was like “no sweat, I got this!!” But damn Fam, things ain’t as easy as they appear.

Let me put shit into perspective for those of you who don’t really know me. Danny P didn’t change a diaper in his life until 6 months ago. I never babysat a child. I never burped a kid until June 5, 2015. So I was a virgin to this way of life. So here I am having to play Daddy Solo to a six month year old child for a little under a week. This is what movies are made out of.

The first thing I realized on day 1 is that this wouldn’t be as easy as countless single parents have demonstrated in my life. The little things you take for granted you have to now consider your steps, example going to the bathroom. All of my life I have been able to go the bathroom whenever I wanted to when I was at home unless it was occupied. This past week I had to time my bathroom visits just right. I patiently waited for a break in the coverage and made a run for the light. #SingleParentStruggles

Cooking  a meal??? Shoot. I was lucky if I could find a minute to pour a bowl of cereal. It was real Moguls. And to think some parents have to hold it down for years. It goes from diapers, to kindergarten, to football practice, to dance recitals, to piano lessons, to girl scouts, to school dances, to sleep overs, karate practice, to damn where did my life go????

So if no one told you lately, you are appreciated!!! Word to Tupac!! I’m not writing this looking for a pat on the back, or even a head nod. I simply did what I was supposed to do, hold down the fort the same way my wife would if the shoe was on the other foot. But I will say this experience was rewarding and I was blessed to go through it. I think this week allowed for me and babygirl’s bond to develop even deeper. Day after day she had me there to make her smile, feed her, change her, hug her, sing to her, rock her to sleep and all of that other cool stuff daddy’s do. Of course I was doing these things before this week, but the time together was rewarding.

So needless to say when Wifey Dukes returns I will welcome her with open arms. Outside of missing her, I am ready to get our tag team back on. But I am counting the days until I vamoose in May for 5 days.


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