G.O.A.T.’s…Greatest Bad A** Legend of Song

Written by on November 27, 2015


Some of you Moguls may be new to the game, but back in the day (’bout 6 yrs. ago) when UML was brand new, and before we had 3 million hits :-), I used to write a piece known in these parts as G.O.A.T.’s. The title doesn’t refer to the furry little critter that lends his face to the feature, he’s since become a star in the animal world and moved on to greater things; but it refers to the oft had argument about The Greatest(s)…of All Time. If you’ve ever been in a barber shop, are a sports fan of any kind, or have an old relative that’s always telling you stories about people and fantastic feats of days gone by…then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The topic of this feature…is none other than “Stagger” Lee Shelton. If you’re no music buff, then maybe you don’t know Lloyd Price’s 1959 #1 hit about Murder and Mayhem in a St. Louis bar. Never fear, scroll down a few lines…and be enlightened. There have been many songs over the years about legendary Bad A** cats…“Big Jim”, “I Shot The Sheriff”, and “Hey Joe” just to name a few, but the difference is…the story of “Stagger” Lee..is true. The legend began way back in December (27th or 25th depending on the source) of 1895 at Bill Curtis’ saloon. According to the story, “Stag” got into a heated argument with Billy Lyons while seated at the bar. In the midst of the argument, Billy snatched “Stag’s” new Stetson hat off of his head. When he refused to return it, “Stag” pulled his revolver, shot him in the abdomen, picked up his hat…and Coolly walked away. Lyons died, and Lee was imprisoned for the crime. “Stag’s” immortality was initiated when “Stack O’ Lee Blues” was published  by Mississippi John Hurt in 1928. Have a listen…

For those interested in the greater story (which is quite fascinating), check out this historical timeline.



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