“Will You Be Having Your Usual?”

Written by on November 3, 2015

One morning before work, I decided to stop into a small diner for breakfast. It was a Monday morning, but the crowd was pretty light. As I was checking out the crowd, which consisted primarily of older Caucasian women, I was intrigued by a somewhat feisty group of four elderly Caucasian women who appeared to meet as a weekly tradition to catch up over breakfast. They were classy, well put together and with my imagination (and admitted obsession with the TV show, Golden Girls), I’d assigned a character to each of them.  I paid close attention to their interactions with each other and the dynamic of their close relationships. As their waiter approached them to take their orders, she caught up with each of the ladies and in a few moments each one caught her up on anything new since their last visit to the diner.

As I assumed she normally does, the waiter goes around the table and collects everyone’s order, but as she approached the last woman, she attempted to ask, “Will you be having your usual?” Before she could even complete the question, the woman looked up at her with a smile on her face and matter- of-factly responded, “No.” The waitress was completely caught off guard and the way her friends cheered her on and affectionately teased her, I was able to gather that this woman must have ordered the same thing for quite some time! This led me to a thought. How often have we just settled for having our “usual”? How many times have we been presented with the opportunity to have something new and we decided for various reasons to just have our usual? The usual could be a job that we’re tired of, a relationship that is no longer fulfilling be it romantic or otherwise. Perhaps, it is really a way of thinking that causes us to be stagnant or stable. I have heard many people say that they just want stability, not fully understanding that stability implies that things aren’t declining nor decreasing, rather they are staying the same. Day in and day out, it is the same thoughts, same people and same energy producing nothing but insanity! As we have all heard at some point, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again, yet expecting different results.

I imagine for this woman, something within her sparked and changed her appetite causing her taste buds to crave a new flavor. However, the most significant part of the exchange was that the elderly woman was so eager to indicate that she wanted something different. Because of her prompt and bold response, it was evident that before even entering the diner, she’d decided that it was her time for something other than her usual.

That was so key considering the many individuals who will allow someone or something that no longer satisfies their appetite for more, to be the very component that controls them because of its familiarity. This thinking, lack of ambition and disbelief, has caused them to stay “stable”. When you think of all the situations you have dealt with or that you may be in currently, what can you say you have the biggest appetite for? Is it drama, being broke, being broken or are you hungry for peace, financial freedom and being an individual who has reached their fullest potential?

If your usual is the drama, being broke and being broken, then there must come a point where anytime someone is asking you,” will you be having your usual?”, you will stop and consider; will you being having your usual argument when you come home after work? Will it be your usual working 12-hour days at $12.00 an hour for someone else’s company when you could be building your own? There must come a point, just like the lady decided before she even walked into the restaurant, that today, her usual would no longer satisfy her pallet.

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  1. Sharolyn Jackson   On   November 8, 2015 at 3:27 pm

    For some time now, I have been feeling and thinking the same thing about my life. I want to step out and do things differently in and for my life. This is an ahh haa moment for me. Now I just have to figure it and put it motion because time waits on no one.

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