I Think Don Lemon Is Trolling Us All

Written by on October 27, 2015

At some point Don Lemon has to look in the mirror, and I wonder is he happy with who looks back at him. For months Don Lemon has seem to embrace playing the devil’s advocate for every national Black issue that has come across his desk. From Ferguson to the N word Don is like fuck what y’all thought I’m about to piss some folks off.

Maybe Don and Raven-Symone is cut from the same Uncle Tom cloth. It could be possible that both of them go visit Uncle Ruckus every Sunday and share a hamhock sandwich. Who the hell knows. But what I do sense is that Mr. Lemon is trolling us. How else can you explain a seemingly educated African-American male constant need to relish in the fact that “we got what we deserved?”

For those of you who have followed the news you probably know a female student was tossed around a classroom by a police officer for refusing to get up out of her seat. Now granted we don’t know the full context of the incident, but from the clip shown of her sitting in her desk the officer used excessive force.

However Don Lemon is not so quick to write off the incident as excessive force. And to prove to y’all that is not down with the public, he began to get into a shouting match with another CNN panelist to prove his point….. For real Don….. who is the professional here?

Look I know and understand we are not a homogeneous thinking people. But what does it say about a person, who is Black, to always seem to have a thought pattern outside of the mainstream thoughts? I won’t say that I am surprised by Don Lemon and his continual lack of empathy for all things Black. But I am disappointed in him. Maybe at some point in the future Mr. Lemon will see the light and stop showing out for White America.

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