“And I Love Making You Jealous”.

Written by on October 20, 2015

The other day while driving back from an out of town business meeting, I was listening to one of my favorite artist, Drake. It was one of his older albums, Take Care, I believe. In addition to being a writer, I am also a poet so I tend to listen to music differently. Nonetheless, I found myself intrigued by one of the lines he said, “…but jealousy is just love and hate at the same time”. When I heard that line it made so much sense.

All of us have been jealous of something about someone else at some point of our lives. When I heard this line it took me back to a few times that I had been jealous of someone else. When I thought about jealous being love and hate at the same time, it resonated with me.

I loved the thing about another person; however, because it was something that I’d lacked, I adopted an idea about that person that caused an uncomfortable emotion which led to irrational thoughts. Those thoughts created what has been affectionately known as jealousy or envy. What I didn’t realize is that I’d also created a negative idea and more irrational thoughts that really reflected how I thought of myself. That’s deep, right? The very thing I loved about someone else, was only a reflection of what I hated about myself. For instance, if the person drove a kind of car I desired, while I admired the car, I resented them. More than that, the very thing that caused me to reject that person, is what I was rejecting about myself. Allow me to expound; the fact that the other person was in a position to be able to drive that car is why I chose (because essentially it is a choice to not have controlled your own thoughts and emotions) to resent them for their accomplishment. Because I wasn’t able to do the same, I began to reject myself concerning that area of my life, a deficiency.

Let’s define jealousy. Jealousy is resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success or advantage; to be against another’s success or advantage itself. Wow!

Do we really hate ourselves that much that it would cause us to put that much energy into being jealous of someone else when we could take that energy and invest into becoming OUR best and highest level as opposed to resenting someone else for reaching theirs?

There’s something to think about.

Peace, Love and Light BeYoutiful people,

-Tiana Marshè

Tiana Yellow

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