Mogul Etiquette 101…… How To Drink Like A Mogul

Written by on October 12, 2015

What Mogul doesn’t love the taste of good alcohol, especially after a long day.  We all like to come home, go to our bar and pour a drink JR Ewing style and sit back and drink the days lumber away. At least I know Danny P does. And Danny P doesn’t like to drink…. how can I say it, lame drinks. That is not the Mogul-Life. My drinks have to have the quality and sophistication of the brand that I live. Being Fresh isn’t something you do, it is a way of life. All the way down to the drink you pour in your glass.

It is easy for any Mogul to live the life if they follow these 5 basic steps.

  1. Quality– First of all you can’t come around drinking cheap hooch. You should be able to drink a good liquor straight if need be. If you have to go adding all types of kool-aid or juices to the mix to mask the flavor, then that is a drink you probably shouldn’t have. Cheap liquor is not the Mogul-Life. It is kind of like a good steak. It is cool to put A1 sauce on a steak you get from one of those road side grills. But once you step your game up and go to a steak house, all you need is a potato.
  2. A Good Name– Once you leave college those little cute names for drinks should be left for the women. You don’t want to be caught drinking “Mountain Dew Me” or “Pink P*&^%” not a good look. The name of your drink should be as classic as your style.
  3. K.I.S.S.- Keep it simple stupid. One good liquor deserves nothing more than one addition. And whatever you add to your drink should compliment the liquor that is already in the glass. Now there are exceptions to the rule, if you are in ‘Nawlins then hell you might as well get a hurricane. But if you are at your local bar just keep it simple.
  4. Presentation– Moguls don’t need umbrellas, garnish, pom-poms, or fireworks with their drinks. Maybe a slice of fruit at the most. Leave all the rest of that fanfare for your She-Mogul.
  5. Kick– Your drink should have a bit of kick to it, to let you know you ain’t drinking fruit punch. You have a real drink in your hands and you should treat it as such! If after every sip you make that face like you just caught a whiff of a skunks ass, and you have to take a glance at the glass then you know you enjoying a real concoction. Not some spiked Hi-C.

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