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Written by on September 22, 2015

IMG_40125427035264Have you ever set back and truly evaluated the people in your life? Have you taken inventory of the caliber of individuals you attract into your life whether advertently or inadvertently? I believe that with social media as influential and dominating as it has been as of late, it has diluted our power and ability of truly engaging with other individuals while being able to adequately see their potential to add and take from the quality of our lives.
Where am I going with all of this? I am glad you asked. I’d like to believe that we all have a pivotal moment in our lives where we stop and reflect on where we are currently and be able to trace our current place back to our thoughts, emotions and atmosphere including the kind of people (energy) we’ve allowed into our sacred space and how each contributed to our current place in life. The key component of our thoughts, emotions and atmosphere is people.
People have the ability to form their own ideas and beliefs and can cause one’s thoughts or perceptions to be altered. Our interactions with other individuals effect our emotions. If it is a good interaction, we can attract more of that and operate from a place of high vibrations. High vibrational levels bring peace, prosperity, joy, love, excitement and fulfillment. Whereas a bad encounter can create anger, malice, division, and negativity which are all a result of operating from a place of low vibrations. To tie it all together, the vibrational levels we are operating from or the energy we are bringing forth will only bring more of that to us. That is why I strongly believe that it is imperative to align ourselves with people who are more apt to think as we do, conduct themselves accordingly and who exude positive energy.
How do we align ourselves with people who bring out the best in us? That is another great question. We first have to know who we are, understand what we offer and be honest enough with ourselves to know that we deserve to have that returned to us and courageous enough to expect it from those we choose to be a part of our journeys.
More than understanding what we deserve and what we should expect from others, we must have a clear understanding of our limitations and not be timid in enforcing them when others are in need of something we possess. As of late, I have had to be real with myself and not over extend my abilities. I am not speaking in the sense of saying no to projects, events, tasks and the likes. Rather, I am speaking in terms of giving of myself the things that are intangible and to me, the most valuable; such as my time, energy, and presence.
Recently, I have been trying to draw others unto me because of the place of peace, fulfillment, and joy but above all, love that I have found for myself. However, I have not been as successful. That is where my pivotal moment is most imperative. It is then that I have to really evaluate the individuals I am inviting into my sacred place and determine the fact they I can’t take it personally when they are not as receptive to my offering. When I take my emotions away from it, I can consider the logic behind their decisions. Perhaps it is that they are not able or ready to receive this space that I am in. This is not to say that I am better than them or that they are in some way better than me. What I am trying to convey is that you have to know where you are and be in tuned with where others are make the best decision that allows you to preserve as much of you as possible. You can’t force feed others who are not ready to eat. You may want them to be in this amazing place that you are in, but ask yourself this? Is a blessing out of season still as much of a blessing? Remember the journey you had to embark upon to get to that place. Everyone cannot and will not celebrate where you are and it is not always because they are jealous or aren’t happy for you; rather they may not understand it. They have not begun to grasp the concept of better than where they currently are thus not being able to appreciate it fully. It is your job to allow them time and respect where they are. Unfortunately for you, you may find that you have to be isolated until you can attract more like minded individuals. You can use that time to continue to grow you and get to the next level for yourself. Everyone’s journey will be different, no two people are alike. I have found that people have embraced me more when I pulled away. While I like to believe that I adapt well, I like to think I adapt to what is best for me better than anything else. Because I know who I am, what I possess and what I deserve, I am able to assess and use my absence to increase respect and honor. I have found that that works well for me. I invite you to do the same. You will find that if implemented with the best intent, your results will be amazing and you will begin to attract the energy, atmosphere and people into your life. In life you are always doing one or two things, learning or teaching. However you can’t do both at the same time. Once you are able to gauge when you are to teach and when you are to learn, you will manifest who and what you desire in the right time. Just go with divine flow and let it go, everything and everyone will fall into place.

Love, light and life, BeYoutiful people,
Tiana Marshé

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