10 Songs I Use To Take Me There

Written by on September 3, 2015


I remember watching Bugs Bunny as a shorty and one of the lessons I took away from that episode was that “music calmed the savage beast!” That phrase always stuck with me as I got older. Not that I am calling myself a savage beast, but that music has the power to calm, seduce, hype, cheer, or make you sad. I realized at a young age that music can make you feel a certain way as soon as you press play. Certain songs can evoke memories of situations, places, or people from long ago. Here are ten of the joints that can put me in my special place no matter when I play them.

1. Eminem – Superman

Superman is the track that you play after you broke up with your old lady and you don’t wanna sit around the house looking like a Hallmark card. I guarantee you play this joint and you will right back in stride within 3 hours, leaping over hoes in a single bound!!


2.┬áBon Iver – Holocene

This is the song you play when you want to feel like you are in Iceland wearing a sweater looking at the sunrise after a long night of doing whatever the hell they do in Iceland. And just as the sun’s rays begin to crack the dawn you realize that you are no longer magnificent. Could it be that you can no longer do what the common folk do? Or is it because you found out that your girl was dancing up with one of the cats at the local tavern drunk off of Iceland juice. Fucked up ain’t it?


3. The Beatles – Abbey Road Medley

“Oh can you see the colors Paul?” The Abbey Road album sounds like a sunny fall day right when you realize things will never be the same. Abbey Road sounds like new and old love at the same damn time.


4. Jay-Z – Never Change

I’m the same old El from Tre-8. Still catch me in my Jordans, gold chain, and crispy denim. If I had to pick one Jay-Z song to grow old with, Never Change would be the one.

5. Amy Winehouse – Love Is A Losing Game

Just like Superman is a song to get you back in step with the game, Love Is A Losing Game is the song you play as you look out the window with a single tear. This song is so powerful even if you are single you will go looking for someone to break up with just to feel some kind of lame way.

6. Dave Matthews Band – #41

When you hanging out with your hip white friends, this is the song you can play. I mean it feels good, it sounds good, and it is breezy.

7. ┬áJohnny Guitar Watson – Superman Lover

Pimp shit for a cat that is grounded.

8. Bootsy Collins – I’d Rather Be With You

Thanks to Dre this song reeks West Coast. I feel sunny days, khacki pants, and niggas Crip Walking. BBQ’s with your gun tucked, and drop tops.

9. Michael Jackson – Rock With You

If you followed UML for a minute you know that I am a Yacht Rock fanatic, and what better way to ride the waves than with Rock With You? Whenever I play this track I feel like walking around with my shirt unbuttoned smelling like Brut.

10. OutKast – 13th Floor/Growing Old

Ahhhhh. 1996. Such a good year with all my friends. I can recall sitting in the hood, in my Cutlass bumping this song reflecting on life. When I play this song I can smell Black n’ Mild’s and Black Gold air freshener coming out the speakers.

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