7 Things Hip Hop Has Taught Me……

Written by on August 19, 2015

chuck d by Peter AndersonAbout a week or so ago I posted about the dumb shit rappers have said, and it got lots of hits. Thanks Moguls. But this week I will touch on things I have learned from hip hop music. As we know everything isn’t all ignorant when it comes to rap music, if it was we would be ignorant as hell for constantly listening to it. Wouldn’t you agree. Well here are 7 things that rappers have taught me.


1) Chuck D taught me…….  “Farrakhan’s a prophet that I think you ought to listen to/ What he can say to you, what you wanna do….”

Back in the day as a shorty I didn’t know a thing about Farrakhan. It took people like Chuck D to hip me to the Blackness of my existence. Through Public Enemy, X-Clan, BDP, etc. I began to do research on Malcolm X, Minister Farrakhan, 5% Nation. To this day I still catch Minister Farrakhan whenever given the chance.

2) Jay-Z taught me to……. “Remind my self, nobody’s built like you you design yourself.”

What more can I say. If you ever need some hip hop pick me up in your life, listen to some classic Hov. I swear he will have you telling muthafuckas if their ain’t no manicurist on-board that plane ain’t for them!! This line is pretty self-explanatory. Ain’t no one like you out there. Moguls you are cut from your own cloth. Sorta like Joseph’s Technicolor robe, your shit is unique playboy….. act like it!!!

3) Ice Cube taught me…… “That you don’t ride on nobody’s jock/ For anything he do fuck him and his crew/ Unless you are getting paid too!”

This is about as plain and simple as advice can get. Don’t sweat these cats out here. If you ain’t on they payroll, just give them a nod of appreciation and keep it moving. Too many individuals are out here sweating dudes looking like groupies. I swear this song should be on everyone’s rotational list at least 3 times a year.

4) BIG taught me….. “Excellence is my presence. Never tense, never hesitant.”

Church… I feel this way whenever I am standing in a crowded room. This right here is basic B-Boy 101. Never let them see you sweat. Keep your hands in your pockets and be cool. If you ain’t cool, fool them. Do whatever it takes to remain the coolest cat in the room.

5) Andre 3000 taught me….. “Spaceships don’t come equipped with rear-view mirrors…”

Keep looking forward Moguls. Impossible to move ahead full speed while also looking behind you. If life is a race, that second or two you take to glance in that rear-view may be just enough time for the lames to pass you up. You never seen Han Solo looking behind him in the Millennium Falcon when he is moving at light-speed.

6) Jay-Z taught me……”we don’t lease, we buy the whole car as you should!!”

Don’t rent shit, when you can own.

7) Nas taught me….. ” a thug changes, love changes, and best friends become strangers.”

As we get older in life those childhood best-friends may become nothing more than an associate you run into at the bank. Such is life. Seasons change and so does friendships. The sooner you can accept that truth the better.

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