Poindexter’s Take On Straight Outta Compton The Movie

Written by on August 15, 2015

I remember when they use to say rap was just a fad, well 30 years later it’s still alive and kicking. Compared to many genres, rap is still in its infancy stage. One of the most if not the most controversial rap groups ever N.W.A. dropped their biopic this week and last week Dr. Dre dropped his final album and it’s the soundtrack for the movie. The soundtrack is currently playing in the background as I pen this, if your my age and followed rap you knew the backstory of the group.  I’ll also say it was a great experience personally being in L.A. the day the Dre’s final album dropped.

First off kudos to Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and the entire movie crew for doing right by Eric “Eazy-E Wright. Straight Outta Compton depicted the meat and potatoes of the groups story, hopefully I don’t ruin it for you. The main characters were Dre, Cube, Eazy and Jerry Heller. O’Shea Jackson, Jr. played his dad Ice Cube flawlessly, I guess he’s had on the job training for the past 20 plus years, Corey Hawkins played Dre well and Jason Mitchell role of Eazy-E should be inconsideration for an award. I know some would like to see more from The D.O.C., he was just along for the ride it appears but we all know that his contributions were unforgettable for the group.  Jerry Heller was played by Paul Giamatti.  Ren and Yella were like sidekicks throughout the movie. Suge Knight is depicted as a merciless thug, not sure if that was overdone or not.  Other artist like Michel’le, Bone Thugs, Above The Law etc. are honorable mentions  at the most.

Dre is portrayed as a tough guy, we get to see Snoop and PAC is in the booth when he first heard California Love.  Here’s my recommendation folks, leave your kids at home and go see the movie.

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