When The S&^% Hits The Fan…. You Better Be Ready

Written by on August 11, 2015

Every so often an incident occurs that catch us basically with our pants down looking like a deer in the head-lights. The well prepared Mogul is the Mogul who escapes unscathed, while the others fall by the wayside. Don’t think that wherever you chilling the spot can’t get hot, those be the fools who usually get got! Whether at a bar-b-que, church, job, parade, wedding it don’t matter. Wherever there is people, feelings can get caught.

(Before we even get into the rules, you must understand that if you are in a building you should always face the nearest door if possible. If you at a restaurant face the door. If you don’t know that already you need to go talk to an Elder. Yo have some catching up to do.)

  1. Take a moment to quickly analyze wtf is actually going on– Too often we just want to react as quick as we can. Granted it comes in handy to be quick on your feet but you don’t wanna fool around and run into what you trying to get away from. Sometimes the masses are too busy scampering in all directions, you don’t want to be one of them. Just quickly scour the situation and make moves from there.
  2. As you move keep your head on swivel–  Now that you peeped game and decided where to move it is just as important to keep peeping as you maneuver. Your Spidey-Senses need to be in full effect at this point, you should be looking for escape routes, potential dangers, safe havens, angels etc. If it pops up you should have known it was coming before it came. Ya dig?
  3. If possible look for an unmovable bunker – Now unless you in a Planet of the Apes situation where you need to out run whoever is behind you, look for a base. Plus if it is a crowd of people scattering your chances of getting stampeded on is much less posting up behind a wall or something. BUT if whatever you running from ain’t slowing down, you better keep moving, ducking, dodging, diving, climbing whatever! Keep em in your dust.
  4. Remain calm – Keep your cool at all times! Without it you won’t be able to follow any of the tips. At that point, you on yo on! Hope you live to tell about it.
  5. Look for a place to post –  It can be as close as a store, hotel, or gas station. You know you can’t run forever so the quicker you get to a spot the better it is.

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